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Trending topics tend to appear from retweets, rather than a high volume of original tweets.This is why you need to let your audience know that they should ALSO retweet tweets that include your hashtag/phrase. I always remind my followers about it because somehow in this complicated Twitter algorithm, the retweets are definitely in there.In fact, the trending topic algorithm has been massively improved since it was first launched."Justin Bieber" used to be a trending topic for days.Last but not least, you have to understand that a trending topic isn't generated based on the frequency that it's being tweeted.If that were true, "Kardashians" would be trending all the time.

In my case, influencers are other fan-pages that have the same target with me: To get important information about the band trending.I am here to show you how I have started over 80 (I kid you not) worldwide trending topics in the last four years for free.Long story short, I run a Twitter account that supports Jared Leto and his band Thirty Seconds To Mars.I built a community through the years that I am very proud of. My account focuses on them since Jared Leto, the lead singer of the band, is also an established actor (He won an Oscar in 2014, no big deal).Building a following and getting that following to trust you can't happen overnight. Therefore, I trend things related to them and I ask for help from people who are interested in them (aka my followers).

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