Rachel maddow podcast not updating

During the campaign, Trump’s taxes from one year (1995) somehow leaked which showed he lost nearly a billion dollars that year.

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OK, maybe having “smackdown” in the title of all the internet videos posted of you isn’t normal.

Liberal political commentator Rachel Maddow opened her MSNBC program on Friday evening, January 20 — her first show after President Donald Trump’s inauguration — with a discussion of Slayer, Megadeth, and Testament’s 2010 American Carnage Tour.

You may recall that the tour was at one point in danger of being cancelled as a result of Slayer frontman Tom Araya (or “Tim” Araya, as Maddow mistakenly called him) requiring back surgery.

A variety of ESPN shows paid tribute to their departed colleagues on Wednesday, while the sports media world also reacted with sympathy.

Over at The Comeback, Dave Lozo argued that the layoffs on the hockey side say a lot about the NHL and how it markets itself.

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