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“They did not understand what options they really had.” In August 2012, the group moved to Miami, where, the young men said, the ringleaders continued to force them to prostitute and do webcam work inside a home on the 13300 block of Northwest Eighth Lane.

But defense lawyers said the men only claimed to be victims after a woman posing as an immigration attorney advised them they could stay in the country legally if they cooperated with authorities.

One of the victims had a cleft palate and needed the money. In 2012, the three victims, all in their early 20s, were flown to New York City to work in what they believed was a legal business in the United States.

The victims “believed they would only be in New York for a few months to make tens of thousands of dollars before returning to their homeland and their families,” according to court documents.

Prosecutors have already won a conviction against a third man involved in the ring.

Another victim was “living with gypsies” as a male prostitute when he met Acs through Facebook.She's the same mom cheering on her kids on the soccer field or sitting beside you in church.She's also however, spent most of her life living with a secret."I swore I would never, ever talk about it," says Lanie George, a mom of four who lives in the Charlotte area."Until every woman knows that she's valued, accepted and loved.And her story doesn't end from her past." © 2017 WCNC.

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