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Legend has it that like several of his bandmates, Till grew up in conflict with a father figure.The truth of this is unclear and certainly complicated.

When he was 14, on a swim trip to France, young Till snuck out at night to explore the city--and perhaps buy a porno magazine--which was irresistible to a curious and hot-blooded East German boy who grew up deprived of culture--and booby pictures.

I can only guess at how Till felt to have his awkward teenage years presented to the world lovingly--but publicly--in his father's book, and then to have those stories warped and distorted by tabloids and confused rumors.

Suffice it to say that Till must have had, and probably still does have, complex emotions about his father.

From a very young age, Till's life was characterized by tension between ardent devotion to performance and ungovernable passions.

From ages 11 to 14, he attended a sporting school and became an elite competitive swimmer.

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