How to start a dating agency business

How are you going to get your membership pulled together?

” Mooney advises any startup agency to have at least six months’ budget accessible from day one – most of which would be spent on marketing – the biggest cost by far for most agencies at an average of £130,000 annually.

Business for dating agencies peaks in the New Year and, to a lesser extent, after Valentines Day.

Some agencies operate a charge-perintroduction system on top of their membership fees – an introduction might be the exchanging of telephone numbers or a meeting and would be charged at £30 or more – and, to agencies operating such a model, attractive, tall men and women who don’t smoke and have no children can be more valuable.

On the other hand, for an agency earning off “active” membership fees attractive members, who are likely to get more dates, may remain active for a shorter-than-average time and therefore be less profitable for the business.

Anne Stringer says, “It was very difficult to value, plus it was set up as a sole trader so its accounts were quite old fashioned.

We had a stab at valuing the profit but it’s not like you can take a RE ratio and compare it to an industry standard because there isn’t one.

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