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But instead of communicating in text, they would use YY, an online service that let them communicate via voice messages. When they play games they are very concentrated, so they are very busy with their hands,” a YY executive told NPR in a 2015 interview.

YY later evolved into a karaoke-centric social network, earning healthy margins on virtual goods and eventually going public in the US.

“If someone sent me a voice message, I probably wouldn’t listen to it,” one Taiwanese Line user told Quartz.

“I’d be afraid that the people around me could hear it.

Voice messaging—or sending short audio clips instead of text messages—has taken China by storm.

Step on a Beijing subway and you’ll see people barking into their phones intermittently, as if they’re using walkie-talkies.

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But Luo said the company’s lasting legacy lies in popularizing voice chat: “People already had these kinds of habits on desktop PCs.

So when they shifted to mobile, they just kept them.” Much like informal rules have evolved for best texting practices, there are do’s and don’ts for voice messaging in China.

On We Chat, the popular Chinese messaging app with over 500 million monthly users, the average chat window looks something like this: Note the absence of text blurbs.

In theory, voice messaging (also known as “push-to-talk”) should be popular everywhere.

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