Dating someone with hep c who is cheryl burke dating

I've learned to never, ever believe everything I hear, even from doctors, and to do my own research.... Some are more resistant to treatment, others respond well. that's the least aggressive of the genotypes, he is now free of the virus after 6 months of (brutal) drug based treatment, the virus remains undetected in his system, ...a person goes 6 months without the virus detected, the chance of it returning is 2%.The treatment for Hep C is similar to chemo-therapy, especially in side effects. It's not considered a "cure" by some, more of a "viral remission", but my friend has no doubts about how he feels about it.If you have friends or family with the HCV virus (Hep-C), or if you contract it, get the facts.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... It seems that many people that have it get some liver problems later on.. I have heard stories of lots of things affecting the liver and then add everyday compounding of stress on any one organ - can't be good. Tell your friend Good Luck from us at your friend see a hepatologist. A liver biopsy is also recommended to assess the stage of fibrosis and other issues.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I heard of a Hollywood producer that beat it by eating nothing but beets supposly he doensn't have it anymore.. It can be treated but certain criteria must be met before the treatment can be given.I've had a couple friends die of it one got liver cancer another had a heart attack both had used heroin earlier in their lives.. The success rates of the treatment are not the greatest either. It is hard on the body and has some significant side effects.A and B are "acute" and "easy" to catch, C is "chronic" contracted through "blood to blood", usually IV use, transfusions, and in some rare cases tattoo needles.There are Non-Viral causes of hepatitus: alcoholism, Wilson’s disease, Alpha 1-Antitrypsin deficiancy, etc.

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