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When we talk about an 1/8th of an inch smaller, remember that what we are taking away from the diameter or width of the barrel is about the thickness of a nickle.Certainly not a significant amount of material, but again, will open up the market to a lot of transitional players moving into the BBCOR certified division of play.if you have the opportunity to swing the XL series prior to purchase like they do at Closeout Bats, it is certainly in your best interest to make sure that you are strong enough to swing the XL series from Easton.Senior League Senior League bats are bats that have the large barrel but are not approved for play in High School or College because they are lighter than the BBCOR approved minus 3 difference.

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This is going to be exactly the same as the S3 with the only real difference being that the diameter of the bat is 1/8th of an inch less.This concept is found through the different variations of the bats, but with the same description and purpose of the equipment.BBCORLet's start with the Easton BBCOR approved line for high school and College play.The BB13s2 or S2, is going to be a 2 piece bat also, but the barrel will be THT100 alloy (metal) with a composite handle.The barrel design is done this way not only to give a different feel to the bat that is similar to what many players remember about the BESR versions, but it also allows Easton to balance the bat differently and lower the cost of the bat to make the S2 a mid-tier price point in their line.

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